Inspiration and creativity.

About my job

Music producer.

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I oversee the production and recording of artists, select, compose, record, mix and master their songs. I build up strategies for reaching the best results and specify the necessary budget and expected revenue.

Artists and repertoire.

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I scout talent, oversee the artistic development of artists and songwriters and liaise with artists and business partners. I have a vast experience in team and project management.


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I compose songs for artists, films and commercials. I play digital technology as an instrument which in itself is a kind of magic: magic that expresses everything from motions to emotions, actions to reactions.

The best of

My projects

I worked on hundreds of different projects throughout my life. Here are a couple of my favourites so far.

Beyoncé – End of Time
Beyoncé – End of Time
Ace of the Race Mix
Wise Whys – Xmas
Wise Whys – Xmas
A winter mix not only for Santa
Laser shows around the world
Amadeus – Delta 2010
Amadeus – Delta 2010
Electronic pioneers reborn

Ready for new projects.

My services

Music Production and sound engineering
When you need somebody who has a very good ear for music and who knows how to create a clear and powerful sound.
When you need amazing melodies for your band, movie or advertising campaign.
Artists and repertoire
When you want to know how your project can function better. When you need somebody who can help you to break the charts.

Let's talk!


I’m always open for new ideas and exciting challenges. If you think I could help you with your project, artist or song, just drop me a line on the email address below and I’ll get back to you shortly.