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L A S Z L O  A M A D E U S  G A J D A
composer, engineer, musician

As a musically gifted child, Laszlo studied piano and drums beside music theory. He completed several sound and electronics courses simultaneously. As time passed by, he became more and more interested in modern musical styles. Becoming a music-industry professional, in 1989 he built his own studio, Soundlab, which has been successfully operating ever since. Dozens of productions were completed there, several gold and platinum records among them.

He wrote, performed and produced his debut work Believe In Me, the maxi-single of his first own project Work Of Fantasy in 1994. He followed up with a series of engineering and remix projects ranging from electronica to house for clients like Soho Party and Radio Juventus`s Olympic Compilation which went platinum and gold, respectively.

In 1996 he was hired as Director of A & R by one of Hungary`s biggest record companies PolyGram (now Universal Music). In addition to discovering new talent and handle the negotiating with them, his job at Universal also included the preparation of contracts, writing tenders and profit/expense projections while supervising the whole production process all the way to the final masters. In 2001 he completed a Business Affairs Seminar in London. After having worked a year for Sony Music Entertainment, Laszlo continued with Universal Music as head of the A & R department for another two successful years.

As Director of A & R, Laszlo Gajda`s roster is remarkable.
He discovered many successful Hungarian artists like Romantic, NOX, Sugar & Spice, Dj. Sterbinszky, Dj. Budai and worked with a long list of prominent performers, Bon Bon and Zoran among them.

In addition to carrying out his duties as A & R Director, Laszlo was also involved in independent projects as producer, sound engineer and composer.

Co-written with Hungarian-born Leslie Sonny, he released his first Hypnotix album Star Tracks followed by the phenomenal, Jean Michel Jarre-inspired second album, Star Warps. The laser-show, choreographed for the Hypnotix material, was a featured program of the Planetarium Laser Theatre for a whole year. This was also the time that he recorded the already classic electronic composition Delta, which became the signal music of the popular Hungarian Tv1-feature show, the Delta Science Program. Delta has turned into a national favourite. It was the featured track on the Dee Zone Traxx compilation.

A series of strong remixes and collaborations followed, including, among others, the Hungarian hot-sellers Bon Bon, the internationally acclaimed group Karthago and his protegee, the world-renowned Dj. Sterbinszky.

The next stage for Laszlo was television. In 2001 - 2002 he was a leading figure in Tv2`s big-time talent show Popstars. He then produced the debut album for the show-winning pop troupe Sugar & Spice.

In 2002 Laszlo was commisssioned to create the music for Hungary`s most spectacular annual event, the grand National Holiday`s fireworks show. The monumental work was completed in 22 days, including the compositions, producer-work, recording, mixing and mastering. Laszlo named this record Firemusic. This is Visual Music, which started him in the direction of his future aspiration - to create music for visual productions and soundtracks for motion picture or television.

This year`s other hot project was NoNa; their Gajda-produced and mixed groovy-sexy-jazzy album Credo was released in 2003. The Gajda-produced duo Capuccino went gold in 2004. The popular Club 54 trio, doing Studio 54-style material was a big radio favourite, and the deservedly top-riding NOX`s Christmas went gold in three weeks.

NOX`s Christmas and their following LP Ragyogás went double platinum. Megasztár 2005 is platinum and Megasztár Best Of became gold. ("Megasztár" was the biggest entertainment program of the nation, based on "American Idol"). The winner of this year`s high level competition, Caramel, went platinum with his first release. And to elegantly top it off, everybody`s old time favourite, Zorán came out with his long-awaited DVD - and guess what, - it, too, went platinum. With this, unparalleled platinum-run of the year of 2005, the time has come for Laszlo to do the right thing: he quit his A&R position in 2006 - while on top. 

The first single of Megasztár’s second best „Megfordult a világ” was a big radio favourite; it was in the top 10 for long months in 2006. Laszlo composed, engineered and produced Hypnotix’s 3rd album Star Gates, what was the favourite of the laser theaters in 2007. The first two singles of the Laszlo-produced Cozombolis debut album were huge radio hits; they were in the top 10 for 4 months in 2007. Later, in 2008 Laszlo also produced and engineered 5 songs on the new album of him. He started collaborating with a talented musician from the United Kingdom called Tyler Roberts in 2007. He worked on Tyler's album as a producer, co-composer and engineer.

In 2008 Laszlo recorded and produced an album with Árpád Utasi, the winner of the biggest talent-scout show of Hungary, which ran on RTL Klub. In the meantime he worked on an EP with a band with lots of potential, Suburban Neon, after, as a jury member, he saw them performing in the Central European Final of the Emergenza band contest.

In 2009, a track of the album 'Hypnotix - Star Tracks' was featured in the New Year's Eve laser show of LOBO in Bucharest.

In 2010, he remixed a 1964 song 'Gambale Twist' of the very well known and beloved Sardinian artist, Benito Urgu. The song made it all the way to the new album of Benito Urgu. In the same year, Laszlo made a remix of the song 'B?nbe estem' by Magdolna Rúzsa, the winner of 'Megasztár 3'. Still in that year, a book by Laszlo about the ups and downs of being a musician, 'Murphy's Laws in the world of music' (Zenész Murphy törvényköny) was published.

Laszlo made a remix of the title track 'Untergrund' by Armageddon Dildos, which also appeared on their latest album in 2011. In 2011 Laszlo became an official, non-exclusive songwriter of North Star Music Publishing UK, where he composes music for US television series and movies.

Laszlo is a member of BIEM Artisjus and EJI.



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