In his own musical works Laszlo easily and readily connects to visual associations through his composition style and electronic craftsmanship.

Beginning with the "Hypnotix" albums, it`s easy to see his music, in addition to hearing it. No wonder that the Planetarium Laser Theatre immediately put it on its main show - and kept it there for a whole year.

The "Firemusic" album is an even stronger demonstration of this talent. It was commissioned to lend itself to visual interpretations - in this case to a world class, choreographed fireworks show of immense proportions.

He also has a collection of compositions, soundscapes, unique, personalised sound libraries and samples, as well as various, soundtrack-style themes - all reserved for visual projects.

Due to his exposure to a spectrum of musical styles as major label A&R man, Laszlo is fluent in practically any musical style. But what he does on an outstanding level is electronica. Electronica of the beautifully magnifique Jean Michel Jarre school - and electronica in the far end, like hard house - and anything in between, ranging from techno to ambient.

Laszlo is an excellent keyboard player, also an expert in drums and rhythms. And he also plays digital technology - as an instrument. When creating his own electronic compositions, you can picture a magician, sitting in the computerized Soundlab studio, becoming one with the main computer`s brain - and out of this union magic issues forth. Magic that can express everything from emotions to motions, from action to reaction. Through this magic he can complete any visual composition from the first breath to the last bang with a whole spectrum of action or scenery in between.

Should there be a need to use larger, acoustic or natural instrumental arrangements Laszlo has access to the very best of Hungary`s musicians.

As a professional producer he has complete control over synchronisation methods necessary for film soundtracks. A director will have the mastered product, created to match his own vision (or to provide him with one), on time, professionally executed.

In the person of Laszlo Gajda a film project executive will be dealing with a composer, a creative artist and arranger - who also happens to be a music industry professional in every sense of the word.

Someone, who wants to channel his abilities increasingly to the visual industry.




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